Breathe Easier And Save Money

Posted on 09/12/2017

Did you know that cleaning your home’s air ducts could help your family breathe easier and save you some cash? The buildup of everyday dust, dirt, pet hair, smoke residue and other pollutants in a home’s ductwork can contribute to health issues and increase your monthly utility bills. In fact, dirty systems use up to 30% more energy to heat and cool the home!

air duct cleaning reduces asthma triggers

Air pollution poses the most risk to young children, older adults, and people with asthma and allergies so your air handling unit—your air conditioner or furnace—should be inspected once a year and cleaned as needed.

When looking to hire a company to inspect and clean your HVAC system, start here, at, where you have access to various materials and tools to help guide you through the air duct cleaning process from start to finish. 


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