How to Renew ASCS Certification

To renew your ASCS Certification, please go to "My Account" and use your NADCA login credentials to access "Self Service". There you will be able to upload your CECs and pay the renewal dues online. If you any have questions, please contact

Purchase and Take the Renewal Quiz

Renewal Requirements

Certification renewal must be completed each year by June 30. Individuals who do not renew theirs will have to retake the ASCS certification exam to become re-certified.

There is an annual maintenance fee ($95 for members, $920 for nonmembers) associated with ASCS certification renewal.

NADCA requires certified individuals to have six (6) Continuing Education Credits each year in order to be eligible for renewal. The certification year runs from July 1 to June 30, and credits for renewal must have been earned during this time. For instance, if six credits were obtained in December 2023, the credits would count toward renewing the ASCS for the 2024–2025 year. If six credits were obtained in May 2024, the credits would count toward renewing the ASCS for the 2025-2026 year. 

Continuing Education Credits

CECs can be awarded after attending NADCA seminars and conventions, by achieving a passing score on online renewal quizzes, or attending industry-related training programs, and a variety of other means. 

Attending NADCA’s Annual Meeting & Exposition provides access to the CEC training program, which is a cost-effective option for companies with more than one ASCS on staff. Each attendee at the Annual Meeting receives access to electronic copies of the CEC-designated presentations on the program schedule. Following the Annual Meeting, these presentations can be used to educate any ASCSs within a NADCA company who did not attend the event. An affidavit — included with the presentations — must be signed and returned to NADCA, stating that the presentation materials were covered in-depth. 

Find out if events you've attended qualified as Continuing Education Credits (CECs). To view a list of Approved Programs for NADCA CECs or request credit for a program/event you attended that is not listed, visit the Request for CEC Approval Form. Once this form has been received, you will be notified about whether your program qualifies for CECs, and how many CECs you will receive.

Changed Companies?

Are you an ASCS who has changed companies since your last renewal? The ASCS can be transferred, in most cases, after paying the administrative transfer fee and filling out the Certification Transfer Form.