Wondering How to Get to the Next Level in the Air Duct Cleaning industry? Here’s Everything You Need to Know about NADCA’s Advanced CVI Certification!

Posted on 07/22/2021

So you’ve earned your Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) certification, and you’re ready to take your air duct cleaning career to the next level. It’s time to consider NADCA’s Certified Ventilation Inspector (CVI) certification! The CVI is an advanced certification that’s recognized worldwide. It distinguishes industry professionals involved in the inspection of HVAC systems as it relates to system hygiene. Individuals with this advanced certification consistently demonstrate expert-level knowledge and skills in the air duct cleaning industry and are qualified to perform inspections of commercial HVAC systems. 

Just like earning NADCA’s ASCS certification, CVI candidates engage in a rigorous course of study and complete a standardized certification exam that reflects the most current practices in the industry, and focuses on the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for inspecting HVAC systems.

Through CVI training and certification, you’ll learn best practices for performing inspections and develop an extensive understanding of HVAC components. Certification can benefit technicians in many ways, including:

  • Increased compensation
  • Stronger career mobility and marketability
  • Recognition by employers, customers, and industry peers

CVI certification is particularly valuable for those who prepare technical proposals and provide recommendations during inspections. The demand for HVAC system inspection is consistently increasing, and many job specifications now require certifications in order to bid and work on projects. Companies that have a CVI-certified technician on staff can attract more customers by offering inspection services and meeting bid specifications, which means a technician with a CVI certification is more marketable and attractive to potential employers.

Here’s How to Get Started on the Path to CVI Certification

Anyone contemplating CVI certification MUST already have an active ASCS certification in order to take the CVI exam! Why? Putting it simply, the CVI is an advanced certification, and individuals seeking CVI certification need to already have a level of expertise as it relates to the air duct cleaning field. 

The CVI examination tests the knowledge and skills needed to become successful in the HVAC system inspection industry. The exam covers a range of topics including HVAC systems and components, indoor air quality issues, performing inspections, risk management, industry standards, field experience, and the ability to correctly apply practical knowledge.

To prepare for the CVI exam, NADCA suggests the following:

  1. Review the CVI Candidate’s Guide in its entirety. It’s available for FREE, and includes an outline of the exam content, as well as a recommended reading list. CLICK HERE to download the FREE CVI Candidate’s Guide.
  2. Study and Train. While optional, there are a variety of recommended study materials and training opportunities available to help you prepare for the CVI exam, including classroom training and self-study materials.

    The classroom course provides advanced training on HVAC systems and components, indoor air quality, and risk management and standards. It also incorporates the Environmental Protection Agency’s Indoor Air Quality Building Education and Assessment Model (I-BEAM). The in-person training course not only provides a live instructor, but it also allows attendees to participate in relevant discussions throughout the course. And, if you attend an in-person training session, the exam is generally administered the following morning.

    If classroom training is for you, it’s worth noting that NADCA’s 2021 Fall Technical Conference is coming up September 16-18 in Charlotte, NC. We are offering the CVI training course on Thursday, September 16, with the exam taking place on Saturday, September 18, following the full conference event program. It’s one of the best opportunities to take the course AND exam in one shot!

    NADCA also offers CVI on-demand training that is made up of six recorded webinar modules. Each module is one (1) continuing education credit (CEC), and provides renewal credits for your ASCS certification. Modules can be purchased individually or together. Note that you’ll need to register to take the exam at a testing center.

    Finally, for groups of at least 10 participants, companies can host a custom training event. NADCA will send a certified instructor to your location to deliver in-person training with the optional certification exam the following day. For more information on NADCA’s custom training, contact NADCA’s Assistant Executive Director, Caitlin McWilliams, at cmcwilliams@nadca.com.

About the CVI Certification Exam

Once you’ve prepared for your CVI certification, you’ll need to register to take the exam. The exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions, and candidates are given 3-1/2 hours to complete the test. The CVI certification exam is available at testing centers across the globe, as well as at the NADCA Annual Meeting & Exposition and Fall Technical Conference.

What to Expect After the Exam

Candidates are often curious about how long it will take to get exam results. The paper exam, which is administered at events, takes up to four weeks to process, and a pass/fail letter will be emailed to candidates. If a candidate fails, he/she will be given instructions on how to register for a retake. 

When taken at a testing center, score reports are available immediately following completion. If a candidate fails, NADCA staff will assist with scheduling a retake at a reduced rate.

Of course, maintaining your CVI is just as important as earning it! Once you pass the exam, you'll receive a CVI certificate in the mail, and the CVI credential is added to your name in the NADCA directory. NADCA’s CVI certification must be renewed every three years, by June 30 of the expiration year. NADCA offers an online renewal on our website, which is the only way to renew your CVI certification.

To learn more about all NADCA certifications, visit https://nadca.com/nadca-certifications.