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Pursuing (and Maintaining) Your ASCS Certification

Posted on 04/29/2020

NADCA’s landmark certification, the Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) certification, not only sets HVAC technicians ahead of the competition, it also shows customers that the technician is highly skilled, consistent, and committed. 

As more commercial cleaning projects specify ASCS certification, and homeowners become more aware of ways to save energy and ensure their families are breathing clean air, there’s really never been a better time to become ASCS certified.  

NADCA offers an exam for ASCS certification that tests the knowledge and skills needed to become successful in the HVAC inspection, cleaning, and restoration industry. The exam covers a range of topics like indoor air quality, safety, mechanical, field experience, and applying practical knowledge. 

To prepare for the ASCS exam, NADCA suggests:

  • Review the ASCS Candidate’s Guide in its entirety. It includes an outline of the exam content, as well as a recommended reading list. CLICK HERE to download the FREE Candidate’s Guide.
  • Study. And study some more! While optional, there are a variety of recommended study materials and training opportunities available to help prepare for the ASCS exam, including online training and classroom training.
  • Register for the exam. The ASCS certification exam is available at testing centers across the globe, as well as NADCA meetings and events, such as our Annual Meeting and Fall Technical Conference. CLICK HERE to Register for the Exam.
    • Important to note, with many testing centers currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NADCA offers online proctoring. To register for the exam with an online proctor, contact Tina Robinson, NADCA’s membership coordinator, at 856-437-4674.

Already have your ASCS certification? It’s also important to maintain or renew existing certification. NADCA requires certified individuals to have six Continuing Education Credits (CECs) each year to be eligible to renew their certification. CECs can be awarded after attending NADCA seminars and conventions, by achieving a passing score on online renewal quizzes, or attending industry-related training programs.

ASCS certification renewal must be completed by June 30 each year. Individuals who do not renew will have to retake the ASCS certification exam to become re-certified. It is your responsibility to maintain certification and apply for certification renewal in advance of the deadline.

For more information about all NADCA certifications, visit nadca.com/certification.

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