The Power of NADCA Marketing, and What it Means for Your Business

Posted on 02/18/2021

From marketing and public relations, to advocacy for our members, NADCA is always hard at work promoting the importance of choosing NADCA members for air duct cleaning in both commercial and residential markets. 

By simply being a NADCA member, you have a powerful tool for setting your business apart from the competition – the NADCA brand! Membership alone proves your commitment to being the best-of-the-best in the air duct cleaning industry, providing a substantial competitive advantage, and ultimately increasing your bottom line. 

NADCA also provides all sorts of marketing tools to help you grow your business. For instance, membership provides access to a huge catalog of members-only marketing resources, like the NADCA logo, commercial customer marketing tool kits, presentations, grab-and-go Breathing Clean consumer marketing materials and graphics, social media graphics, messaging, videos, mobile apps, inspection forms, and more. We even have three new infographics (Benefits of NADCA MembershipBreathing Clean Everything You Need to Know about Air Duct Cleaning, and the General Specification). 

Simply log-in at and visit the members-only section to download these toolkits and take advantage of everything NADCA provides to help you grow your business. 

Our marketing efforts don’t stop at providing tools for members to use in their own marketing plans. Each year, NADCA activates various marketing and social media campaigns to help drive business to our members. For the commercial side of our industry, NADCA has had tremendous success with marketing the NADCA General Specification in CSI 3-Part Format. We’ve connected with countless mechanical engineers, architects, and specifiers to promote the general specification, as well as the importance of hiring NADCA members and ASCS-certified individuals for oversight of commercial HVAC cleaning projects. Our outreach has connected NADCA with more than 23,000 professionals in the AEC space, ensuring that NADCA membership and certification are included in commercial bid specifications. This work drives business directly to our members, and delivers a substantial membership return-on-investment. 

On the residential side, we take it a step further, and work to not only educate homeowners on the benefits of cleaning air ducts and the importance of hiring NADCA members, but also how to spot a scam when they see it. The popular ‘Breathing Clean’ consumer campaign includes public-service announcement (PSA) videos, a Breathing Clean blog with helpful information about air duct cleaning, and social media and marketing communications that resonate with consumers and ultimately promote NADCA members. All of these marketing efforts lead homeowners to our Find a Professional Directory, generating new business for our members through website referrals.

These are just a few ways NADCA is working hard to generate new business for you, our members.

It’s a powerful thing to be part of an association, and so many benefits come with NADCA membership — from education and training, to referrals, to the marketing and public relations tools mentioned above. We hope you’ll use the tools we provide, and put the power of NADCA to work for your own business!

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