Ethics Complaint Submission

Acceptable Complaints

The only complaints that will receive the consideration of the Ethics Committee are those which allege a violation of the NADCA Code of Ethics.


  • Complaints submitted by Consumers: The Ethics Committee shall only consider complaints submitted by consumers against companies from whom the consumer has purchased HVAC system cleaning services and who is a NADCA Member in Good Standing.
  • Complaints submitted by Members: The Ethics Committee may consider complaints by one member against another.

Complaints Against Non-Members

  • Complaints alleging unauthorized use of the NADCA name, logo, certification designation, or copyrighted materials are handled by staff and legal counsel. Trademark Infringement complaints can be submitted on a separate form HERE.

Submission of Complaints

  • All ethics complaints must be submitted online using this electronic submission form. Complaints must include, at a minimum, the following information:
  • The name and contact information of the person or persons submitting the complaint.
  • The name of the company against whom the complaint is submitted.
  • The date or time period the alleged violation took place.
  • A detailed description of the alleged violation, including physical evidence.
    • Physical evidence may include photographic evidence. Photographic evidence should be documented to account for the time, place, and date the photo(s) was taken, as well as who took the photo(s)
      • Please note: All forms of physical evidence, photographic or otherwise, shall become the property of NADCA.
  • A description of what actions, if any, have been taken by either the complainant or the respondent to attempt to come to a resolution of the complaint independently of NADCA, including any legal proceedings which may have been held or which may be pending.
  • Permission for NADCA to provide the respondent with a copy of the actual complaint submitted. The Ethics Committee shall not consider complaints in cases where such permission is not granted. Likewise, anonymous complaints shall not be considered.
  • After submission, your complaint will be reviewed by the Ethics Committee. You will receive a written response when a determination has been made.   

Complaint Submission Form

Photo Evidence
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Check below that you have read, understand and agree to the NADCA policy for Ethics Complaint Submissions. 

I, the undersigned, agree to relinquish ownership of all evidence submitted to NADCA. All forms of physical evidence, photographic or otherwise, shall henceforth be the sole property of NADCA.

I, the undersigned, also hereby grant NADCA permission to provide the company in question with a copy of the actual complaint submitted.  

I Agree