Have You Heard About NADCA’s Newest Virtual Reality Training?

Posted on 02/26/2020

Along with certification, education is at the core of NADCA’s mission, and we work hard every day to develop new training programs that will keep our technicians and industry experts on top of new advancements in technology, products, and on-the-job practices.

During our Annual Meeting in early 2019, we launched our very first virtual reality (VR) training initiative. It was designed to provide interactive training to air duct cleaning technicians before they actually go in the field for the first time. When that first VR module was unveiled, attendees were able to participate in a VR challenge. As soon as the headsets went on, participants were immediately immersed in a jobsite, and faced with identifying the components and proper cleaning methods of a commercial HVAC system. It was an instant hit!

Shortly after, in September 2019, attendees at our Fall Technical Conference in Grapevine, TX, were able to experience our second VR module. Our latest module challenges learners to go through the process of cleaning an HVAC split system, from start to finish.

At NADCA, we couldn’t be more excited about VR. It’s a great way for technicians to gain practical jobsite experience in a fun, new way. And, understanding that not everyone retains information the same way, VR allows us to offer education in a modern way. 

These innovative training tools are also offered as part of a custom training experience for companies interested in hosting ASCS training courses at their own facility.