Industry & PR Committee

The objective of the Industry & Public Relations Committee is to promote NADCA™, its member companies, and standards and specifications to the end-users in the residential, public and commercial marketplaces.  This committee reviews and makes recommendations for NADCA’s marketing and public relations efforts along with industry relations with other industry-affiliated associations.

Chair: Jim Castellano
Immediate Past Chair: Kehau Mendes

Perry Bagley
Kelly Dexter
Terry Donohue
Bill Hippen
Brooks Ingrassia
Clayton Ivany
Richard Lantz
Lauren L'Herbier
Terry Lee
Ken McCraley
Scot Moritz
MJ Palazzolo
Andrew Rodgers
Slade Stricklin
Stephen Worrall

Anti-Fraud Task Force
Chair: Mark Zarzeczny

Jim Castellano
April Yungen
Kelly Dexter
Billy Spano
Justin Viar
Stephen Worrall

Editorial Committee
Chair: April Yungen

Matt Mountain
Zachary Ortwine