It’s Renewal Time! Read on for 11 Reasons Why Renewing Your NADCA Membership is a Smart Choice.

Posted on 05/24/2022

Times always seems to be flying by, and here we find ourselves already in June. At NADCA, June means it’s renewal time! That’s right! It’s time to renew your NADCA membership. Membership dues are payable annually, and the June 30 deadline is quickly approaching! 

When renewal invoices arrive, you might find yourself asking, “What am I getting in return for my annual membership dues? Why should I renew?” It’s actually quite simple. It’s an incredibly powerful thing to be part of an association, and just about every profession has one. Associations are created to establish strength and unity in working toward common goals, and your company’s membership in NADCA supports the initiatives needed to collectively grow and advance the air duct cleaning industry, and ultimately drive more business to you, the NADCA member. 

There are all sorts of benefits of membership. Membership has an incredible return on investment and provides countless tools for growing your business. Following are 11 ways NADCA membership brings value to your business:

1) Customer Referrals 

Referrals are perhaps the most powerful benefit our members can take advantage of. Each year, thousands of consumers visit NADCA’s Find a Professional Directory, generating business for our members through website referrals. Potential customers simply drop in their zip code to find a listing of NADCA members in their area. Listings not only include a profile and contact information for your business, but also include details about how many certified technicians you employ, and how long your business has been a member. 

2) Increased Market Demand for Your Services 

NADCA membership dues support a dedicated, full-time marketing manager who promotes the importance of NADCA membership, as well as what certifications mean for commercial project bid specifications. Nearly 17,000 specifiers, engineers, and architects have the NADCA General Specification and are aware of the importance of specifying NADCA membership and certification in bid specifications. This ultimately means more business for NADCA members.

3) Competitive Advantage through Internationally Recognized Certifications 

NADCA membership provides significant discounts on training and certification exams including the Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) Certification and the Certified Ventilation Inspector (CVI) Certification. These certifications are recognized around the world. ASCS certification enhances one’s professional development with knowledge and skills related to HVAC system hygiene; while CVI certification is an advanced certification developed to recognize industry professionals who are highly skilled in HVAC system inspection.

4) Educating Consumers through Targeted Marketing

We’re all too familiar with air duct cleaning scams and “blow-and-go” companies that tarnish our industry’s reputation. NADCA’s ongoing Breathing Clean marketing and social media campaign is designed to educate consumers on the importance of hiring a NADCA member, and how to see the signs of a scammer. Your NADCA membership supports this landmark consumer education campaign, and also provides members-only access to Breathing Clean marketing collateral, PSAs, videos, social media graphics, infographics, and marketing tips to use while promoting your company.

5) Fighting Fraud in our Industry

NADCA aggressively pursues trademark infringement and false claims of membership and certification to protect members’ investment. To date, 93% of all reported infringement cases have been successfully closed. Your membership dues support these important efforts.

6) Discounts on Industry-Leading Training and Education

Developing your company's personnel is one of the best investments you can make. NADCA members receive significant discounts on all levels of NADCA training and education, helping you and your technicians provide quality service in accordance with NADCA standards. 

NADCA offers all sorts of training, both in-person and online. For instance, NADCA offers in-person training related to both industry and business topics at our Annual Meeting & Exhibition and Fall Technical Conference; and our convenient online training and webinars allow our members and technicians to train in the comfort of their own home or office. NADCA’s Fall Technical Conference provides a unique, hands-on learning experience for both entry-level and advanced technicians, while our online-based Ventilation Maintenance Technician (VMT) training program is geared toward new technicians, and provides education on the most important aspects of HVAC system cleaning. 

NADCA on-demand webinars and online training help you conveniently and affordably access practical information, from blueprint reading and estimating; to cleaning internally lined ductwork, restoring coils, and home/building performance contracting. NADCA will even bring the training to you, saving travel costs for your technicians. Customized training for ten or more individuals is available at your location.

7) Networking and Insights from Industry Peers

NADCA members have direct access to unique networking opportunities, including registration discounts for NADCA meetings. If you’ve never attended a NADCA event, you’re missing out on one of the best opportunities to gain valuable insights, tips, and ideas from fellow members that are guaranteed to help you grow your business. Attendees consistently tell us that the networking and camaraderie they develop at NADCA events is priceless.

8) Affinity Program Discounts and Other Member Benefits

NADCA membership entitles you to several affinity program discounts and other member benefits including:

  • Discounted rates on equipment rental through Sunbelt Rentals
  • 30-40% savings on computer equipment through Dell
  • Credit card processing with Service First Processing
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan Exchange
  • Savings on gases, welding equipment, safety products, and more through Airgas
  • Mobile apps
  • Free subscriptions to DucTales Magazine and Air Conveyance e-Newsletter
  • Free marketing resources and use of NADCA logo
  • Member mentor program

9) 24/7 Online Training Portal

NADCA’s Seminars on Demand program is a 24/7 online education and training tool that allows members to stream content from over 100 world-class motivational business speakers. This collection of seminars covers topics like sales training, leadership skills, communication, time management, presentation skills, goal setting, and much more. It works with any device. Members simply log into the Members Only portal on NADCA’s website to take advantage of this benefit.

10) Opportunities to Shape and Lead the Industry

Volunteer opportunities to serve on NADCA committees and task forces allow you to help develop strategic programs and initiatives and participate in decision-making that impacts our association, its members, and the industry as a whole. These opportunities are also an important stepping stone toward board leadership. The NADCA Board of Directors is elected by NADCA members, and they ensure that the strategic vision and direction of the association is in the best interest of our members.

11) Using the NADCA Brand to Set Yourself Ahead of Your Competition

NADCA membership shows commitment to quality and sets your company apart from your competitors. Your membership dues support NADCA’s investment and commitment to promoting the importance of hiring a NADCA member company in both the commercial and residential marketplace — giving you a competitive advantage and ultimately increasing your bottom line.

Without a doubt, it’s a powerful thing to be part of an association. So many benefits come with NADCA membership — from education and training, to referrals, to marketing and public relations support. Whether joining for the first time, or renewing your membership, NADCA membership offers an incredible return on investment, and is guaranteed to help grow your business. 

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Certification renewal deadlines are also coming up on June 30. ASCS certifications must be renewed each year, and CVI certifications must be renewed every three years. 

NADCA requires six (6) Continuing Education Credits (CECs) for ASCS renewal. We have all sorts of ways to earn CEC, including TWO NEW OPTIONS launched in 2021! NADCA is offering three (3) CEC sessions from our Annual Meeting & Exhibition as a bundled webinar package that’s available for purchase! You can watch all three session recordings at any time that's convenient for you. Then, you’ll take a short multiple-choice quiz, and if you get a passing score, you’ll earn all six of your CECs required for ASCS renewal!

Plus, CECs can be earned by simply reading a specific article in each edition of DucTales, and then taking (and passing) a short quiz!

Click Here to Learn About All the Ways to Earn CECs!